Friday, 7 October 2011

6.10. Discussion and Final assignment

Does culture/creativity challenge economy - or is economy taking over culture/creativity? This was discussed with presentation of Anna Bergman's AiH (Artist in House), and with the visitors Jakke Holvas and Mikko Lipiäinen.

And here is the Final Assignment: individual essay

Write an essay about creative work/ new work/ immaterial work: the challenges of immaterial creative work, issues and problems of immaterial creative work, the potentials within immaterial creative work.

Give your own title.

Use the lectures, discussions and assignments done during the course to reflect on.

Take also at least one text given and reflect on that – agree with it, disagree with it, use a point made to present your own musings. The form is an essay, so you do not have to litter it with academic style references – just use the text/ texts as a starting-point.

Length of the essay 5 – 10 pages.
Language optional, Finnish or English.
Send essays to my email: trajanti(at) or taina.rajanti(at)
Oh: title your essay something like: CreA_YourName.docx …

Deadline for the essays is 27.10.

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