Thursday, 1 September 2011

Creative Alternatives: what is it about and program for the course

The course serves as an introduction about basic thoughts and tools we will need to see and think ourselves as actors in the general and vague field of "creative economy". What do we mean with it - why are we interested in it - what can we do about it? Beyond a general attitude of "take the money and run".

We need to find a sustainable and intelligent, even critical and creative attitude towards economy, creative business, enterprise. We need to understand the world we live in - because we're about to contribute to it's making.

To pass the course you will be expected to be present, and active. I have invited some experts to talk, both as visitors and as panelists in the final discussion: use the possibility and ask them all the questions you have always wanted! And finally I will ask for an essay on a given topic.
Remember also to give feedback!

Program for the course:

8.9. Creative mind: what is creativity all about.
15.9. Creative economy: Jussi Vähämäki will speak about the "new" global information economy.
22.9. Creative work and workers: workshopping about what it means to belong to the "second generation autonomous workers". This will take place in Reposaari, in collaboration with the VKM course on "Interaction of theory and art", focusing on one's identity as a "maker".
29.9. Creative City: within the "Experimental happening" we will experiment with cityspace and creative economy.
6.10 Creative Alternatives: Panel discussion involving people who sustain themselves within "creative" field between economy and non-economy.

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